Source of the Nile

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Description: The River Nile. Mysterious and historic. Wending its way through Uganda, Sudan and Egypt to emerge in to the Mediterranean Sea after a journey of over 4,000 miles. On this tour we are going to follow in the footsteps of those gallant Victorian explorers, Speke, Livingstone and Stanley, exploring the course of the White Nile to its recognised source at Jinja in Uganda. Any claimed source further on than Lake Victoria is still regarded as speculation with suggestions of sources being found in Burundi and Tanzania. We will be using the Baron B55 so is MSFS friendly and open to all ranks. Get your Safari gear on. Don your Pith Helmet and pack plenty of sandwiches. Follow the course of the river as best you can on each leg and keep an eye open for those wonders of the world that we encounter on our excellent adventure. Many thanks to BFL5441 - Geoff Price for creating this tour. TOUR ENDS FEB 28TH 2022. NOTE: THIS TOUR IS NOT SUITABLE FOR X-PLANE AS SOME LOCATIONS NOT IN THAT SIM.

Source of the Nile

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight ID Aircraft Distance
1Alexandria (HEAX)Cairo West (HECW)BFL5314B55102 nm
2Cairo West (HECW)El Minya (HE25)BFL5315B55120 nm
3El Minya (HE25)Luxor International (HELX)BFL5316B55180 nm
4Luxor International (HELX)Aswan International (HESN)BFL5317B55102 nm
5Aswan International (HESN)Wadi Halfa (HSSW)BFL5318B55150 nm
6Wadi Halfa (HSSW)Dongola (HSDN)BFL5319B55172 nm
7Dongola (HSDN)Merowe (HSMR)BFL5320B55129 nm
8Merowe (HSMR)Atbara (HSAT)BFL5321B55210 nm
9Atbara (HSAT)Khartoum (HSSS)BFL5322B55154 nm
10Khartoum (HSSS)Renk (HSRN)BFL5323B55230 nm
11Renk (HSRN)Malakal (HSSM)BFL5324B55150 nm
12Malakal (HSSM)Bor (HSBR)BFL5325B55200 nm
13Bor (HSBR)Juba (HSSJ)BFL5326B5580 nm
14Juba (HSSJ)Masindi (HUMI)BFL5327B55187 nm
15Masindi (HUMI)Jinja (HUJI)BFL5328B55168 nm
16Jinja (HUJI)Musoma (HTMU)BFL5329B55130 nm
17Musoma (HTMU)Keekorok (HKKE)BFL5330B5585 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 2549 nm

Pilot's Progress

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1BFL1747 - Nigel Smith
2BFL5321 - Alan Platt
3BFL5441 - Geoff Price
4BFL1731 - John Forrest
5BFL1324 - Michael Chapman
6BFL1801 - Don Hodges
7BFL2917 - Richard Tillery
8BFL2632 - Richard McMaster
9BFL2761 - Douglas Gonzalez
10BFL1732 - Drew McCabe
11BFL5313 - Shane Watts
12BFL1154 - Dave Ham
13BFL2206 - Jeff Baker
14BFL5093 - Glenn Sayles
15BFL0440 - Peter Cassar
16BFL3860 - Ulrich Seeckt
17BFL4720 - Dave Grubb
18BFL5483 - Matic Smid
19BFL5458 - Peter Franklin
20BFL5359 - Stanley Losiewicz
21BFL4869 - Curtis Renshaw
22BFL5538 - Johnnie Williams
23BFL5546 - Aaron Harrison
24BFL3769 - Mahendra Putut