Mikey's Christmas Kickerjoyjuice run

Status: Active

Description: Mikeys Christmas Kickerjoyjuice Run. Fly the Yukon to pick up Mikeys hidden batch of Hooch for his Christmas/New Years Bash.

Mikey's Christmas Kickerjoyjuice run

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight ID Aircraft Distance
1Yellowknife, N. W. T. (CYZF)Fort Simpson, N. W. T. (CYFS)BFL4329C-46195 nm
2Fort Simpson, N. W. T. (CYFS)Watson Lake, Y. T. (CYQH)BFL4330C-46242 nm
3Watson Lake, Y. T. (CYQH)Whitehorse, Y. T. (CYXY)BFL4331C-46188 nm
4Whitehorse, Y. T. (CYXY)Haines Junction (CYHT)BFL4332C-4673 nm
5Haines Junction (CYHT)Burwash Airport (CYDB)BFL4333C-4656 nm
6Burwash Airport (CYDB)Fort Nelson, B. C. (CYYE)BFL4334C-46512 nm
7Fort Nelson, B. C. (CYYE)Yellowknife, N. W. T. (CYZF)BFL4335C-46324 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1589 nm

Pilot's Progress

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1BFL1747 - Nigel Smith
2BFL4720 - Dave Grubb
3BFL1324 - Michael Chapman
4BFL1731 - John Forrest
5BFL2917 - Richard Tillery
6BFL1741 - Frank Phlippo
7BFL2206 - Jeff Baker
8BFL1801 - Don Hodges
9BFL3929 - Rick Meurisch
10BFL4125 - Michael Somerset
11BFL4659 - Leon Vermeulen
12BFL2632 - Richard McMaster
13BFL0938 - William Gark