All Around The Big Down Under

Status: Active

Description: We take the C-46 Down under for the Vatsim Sunday flight, at 1300z. Many thanks to BFL1731 John Forrest for creating this tour.

All Around The Big Down Under

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight ID Aircraft Distance
1Sydney International Airport (YSSY)Canberra International Airport (YSCB)BFL4249C-46127 nm
2Canberra International Airport (YSCB)Dubbo Airport (YSDU)BFL4250C-46188 nm
3Dubbo Airport (YSDU)Wagga Wagga Airport (YSWG)BFL4251C-46186 nm
4Wagga Wagga Airport (YSWG)Maalcoota Airport (YMCO)BFL4252C-46183 nm
5Maalcoota Airport (YMCO)Hobart Airport (YMHB)BFL4253C-46330 nm
6Hobart Airport (YMHB)Tullamarine Airport (YMML)BFL4254C-46333 nm
7Tullamarine Airport (YMML)Millicent Airport (YMCT)BFL4255C-46213 nm
8Millicent Airport (YMCT)Adelaide Airport (YPAD)BFL4256C-46182 nm
9Adelaide Airport (YPAD)Broken Hill (YBHI)BFL4257C-46230 nm
10Broken Hill (YBHI)Moomba (YOOM)BFL4258C-46244 nm
11Moomba (YOOM)Oodnadatta Airport (YOOD)BFL4259C-46255 nm
12Oodnadatta Airport (YOOD)Ceduna Airport (YCDU)BFL4260C-46289 nm
13Ceduna Airport (YCDU)Forrest Airport (YFRT)BFL4261C-46297 nm
14Forrest Airport (YFRT)Esperance Airport (YESP)BFL4262C-46362 nm
15Esperance Airport (YESP)Laverton (YLTN)BFL4263C-46306 nm
16Laverton (YLTN)Warburton (YWBR)BFL4264C-46267 nm
17Warburton (YWBR)Ayers Rock (YAYE)BFL4265C-46245 nm
18Ayers Rock (YAYE)Alice Springs Aerodrome (YBAS)BFL4266C-46181 nm
19Alice Springs Aerodrome (YBAS)Yuendumu (YYND)BFL4267C-46150 nm
20Yuendumu (YYND)Balgo (YBGO)BFL4268C-46248 nm
21Balgo (YBGO)Telfer (YTEF)BFL4269C-46336 nm
22Telfer (YTEF)Jundee (YJUN)BFL4270C-46297 nm
23Jundee (YJUN)Southern Cross (YSCR)BFL4271C-46297 nm
24Southern Cross (YSCR)Albany (YABA)BFL4272C-46236 nm
25Albany (YABA)Perth Airport (YPPH)BFL4273C-46202 nm
26Perth Airport (YPPH)Geraldton (YGEL)BFL4274C-46308 nm
27Geraldton (YGEL)Shark Bay (YSHK)BFL4275C-46185 nm
28Shark Bay (YSHK)Paraburdoo (YPBO)BFL4276C-46280 nm
29Paraburdoo (YPBO)Barrow Island (YBWX)BFL4277C-46190 nm
30Barrow Island (YBWX)Nifty (YCNF)BFL4278C-46350 nm
31Nifty (YCNF)RAAF Curtin (YCIN)BFL4279C-46277 nm
32RAAF Curtin (YCIN)Troughton (YTTI)BFL4280C-46267 nm
33Troughton (YTTI)Darwin International Airport (YPDN)BFL4281C-46287 nm
34Darwin International Airport (YPDN)Maingrida (YMGD)BFL4282C-46199 nm
35Maingrida (YMGD)Groote (YGTE)BFL4283C-46174 nm
36Groote (YGTE)Mornington (YMTI)BFL4284C-46226 nm
37Mornington (YMTI)Horn Island (YHID)BFL4285C-46407 nm
38Horn Island (YHID)Lizard Island (YLZI)BFL4286C-46308 nm
39Lizard Island (YLZI)Cairns International Airport (YBCS)BFL4287C-46134 nm
40Cairns International Airport (YBCS)Julia Creek (YJLC)BFL4288C-46323 nm
41Julia Creek (YJLC)Emerald (YEML)BFL4289C-46299 nm
42Emerald (YEML)Bundaberg (YBUD)BFL4290C-46240 nm
43Bundaberg (YBUD)Brisbane Airport (YBBN)BFL4291C-46155 nm
44Brisbane Airport (YBBN)Coffs Harbour Mo (YSCH)BFL4292C-46176 nm
45Coffs Harbour Mo (YSCH)Coonabarabran (YCBB)BFL4293C-46207 nm
46Coonabarabran (YCBB)Sydney International Airport (YSSY)BFL4294C-46184 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 11360 nm

Pilot's Progress

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1BFL1747 - Nigel Smith
2BFL1324 - Michael Chapman
3BFL3860 - Ulrich Seeckt
4BFL1801 - Don Hodges
5BFL1731 - John Forrest
6BFL2206 - Jeff Baker
7BFL3929 - Rick Meurisch
8BFL3514 - Oscar Olson
9BFL1154 - Dave Ham
10BFL2917 - Richard Tillery
11BFL2816 - JB Reber
12BFL3278 - Phil Martin
13BFL2632 - Richard McMaster
14BFL4720 - Dave Grubb
15BFL4822 - Nathan Karta
16BFL0555 - Patrick Pab
17BFL4879 - Claudio Lopes
18BFL4851 - Matt Lovich
19BFL4884 - Isabell Hoffstadt