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Status: Active

Description: During its military life the C46 saw most action in Vietnam its time to take the aircraft back but this time its all about seeing the amazing country as we head from North to South before finish with the amazing beaches of Conson

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Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight ID Aircraft Distance
1Noibai International (VVNB)Vinh (VVVH)BFL4091C-46149 nm
2Vinh (VVVH)Da Nang (VVDN)BFL4092C-46217 nm
3Da Nang (VVDN)Quinhon (VVQN)BFL4093C-46145 nm
4Quinhon (VVQN)Pleiku (VVPK)BFL4094C-4687 nm
5Pleiku (VVPK)Buon Me Tuot (VVBM)BFL4095C-4680 nm
6Buon Me Tuot (VVBM)Lienkhoung (VVDL)BFL4096C-4657 nm
7Lienkhoung (VVDL)Tan Son Nhat International Airport (VVTS)BFL4097C-46135 nm
8Tan Son Nhat International Airport (VVTS)Rachgia (VVRG)BFL4098C-46156 nm
9Rachgia (VVRG)Conson (VVCS)BFL4099C-46115 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1141 nm

Pilot's Progress

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1BFL4119 - Quentin Somerset
2BFL4262 - Corina Meyer
3BFL1731 - John Forrest
4BFL2206 - Jeff Baker
5BFL1154 - Dave Ham
6BFL1741 - Frank Phlippo
7BFL4103 - Guy Neild
8BFL3929 - Rick Meurisch
9BFL1324 - Michael Chapman
10BFL3860 - Ulrich Seeckt
11BFL4125 - Michael Somerset
12BFL2816 - JB Reber
13BFL1801 - Don Hodges
14BFL1832 - Dave Maze
15BFL1747 - Nigel Smith
16BFL4632 - Louis Massicotte
17BFL2339 - Rick McPherson
18BFL4217 - Stefan Kleiss
19BFL2917 - Richard Tillery
20BFL3278 - Phil Martin
21BFL4431 - Richard Fox
22BFL3377 - Patrick McGee
23BFL0440 - Peter Cassar
24BFL0065 - Jerry Jacobs
25BFL4102 - David Torkington
26BFL4708 - Daniel Goldsmith
27BFL4659 - Leon Vermeulen
28BFL2632 - Richard McMaster
29BFL4720 - Dave Grubb
30BFL0938 - William Gark
31BFL4168 - Jerry Lambert
32BFL4761 - Dominic Burjak
33BFL1755 - Daniel Rive
34BFL4595 - Michael Nowinski