Grand Tour of Europe 2017

Status: Active

Description: A tour which takes us around the continent of Europe. For those who use the excellent add on scenery produced by Orbx, Europe is one of the major areas of coverage, with the whole of the UK, Norway and part of Germany covered. This tour is designed to make good use of that scenery but of course the tour can be completed without the add on scenery. Special Thanks to BFL1731 John Forrest for putting this tour together for us. END DATE PERMANENT.

Grand Tour of Europe 2017

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight ID Aircraft Distance
1Coventry Airport (EGBE)Reuen/Vallee De Seine (LFOP)BFL4051DC-3205 nm
2Reuen/Vallee De Seine (LFOP)La Rockelle (LFBH)BFL4052DC-3215 nm
3La Rockelle (LFBH)Bilbao Airport (LEBB)BFL4053DC-3188 nm
4Bilbao Airport (LEBB)Porto Airport (LPPR)BFL4054DC-3284 nm
5Porto Airport (LPPR)Gibraltar Airport (LXGB)BFL4055DC-3343 nm
6Gibraltar Airport (LXGB)Albacete Airport (LEAB)BFL4056DC-3236 nm
7Albacete Airport (LEAB)Andorra (LESU)BFL4057DC-3252 nm
8Andorra (LESU)Pisa Airport (LIRP)BFL4058DC-3402 nm
9Pisa Airport (LIRP)Alghero (LIEA)BFL4059DC-3206 nm
10Alghero (LIEA)Napoli / Capodichino (LIRN)BFL4060DC-3273 nm
11Napoli / Capodichino (LIRN)Luqa (LMML)BFL4061DC-3302 nm
12Luqa (LMML)Zakinthos (LGZA)BFL4062DC-3328 nm
13Zakinthos (LGZA)Chania International (LGSA)BFL4063DC-3206 nm
14Chania International (LGSA)Paphos International Airport (LCPH)BFL4064DC-3412 nm
15Paphos International Airport (LCPH)Selcuk-Efes (LTFB)BFL4065DC-3316 nm
16Selcuk-Efes (LTFB)Aurel Vlaicu International (LRBS)BFL4066DC-3397 nm
17Aurel Vlaicu International (LRBS)Odessa International (UKOO)BFL4067DC-3224 nm
18Odessa International (UKOO)Ivano-Frankivsk International (UKLI)BFL4068DC-3283 nm
19Ivano-Frankivsk International (UKLI)Flughafen Wien-Schwechat (LOWW)BFL4069DC-3326 nm
20Flughafen Wien-Schwechat (LOWW)Dubrovnik Airport (LDDU)BFL4070DC-3341 nm
21Dubrovnik Airport (LDDU)Innsbruck (LOWI)BFL4071DC-3407 nm
22Innsbruck (LOWI)Aéroport Genève-Cointrin (LSGG)BFL4072DC-3224 nm
23Aéroport Genève-Cointrin (LSGG)Charleroi Airport (EBCI)BFL4073DC-3262 nm
24Charleroi Airport (EBCI)Hassfurt (EDQT)BFL4074DC-3235 nm
25Hassfurt (EDQT)Kastrup (EKCH)BFL4075DC-3345 nm
26Kastrup (EKCH)Wladslaw Reymont Airport (EPLL)BFL4076DC-3335 nm
27Wladslaw Reymont Airport (EPLL)Vilnius Intl. (EYVI)BFL4077DC-3275 nm
28Vilnius Intl. (EYVI)Gomel (UMGG)BFL4078DC-3240 nm
29Gomel (UMGG)Riga Intl. (EVRA)BFL4079DC-3359 nm
30Riga Intl. (EVRA)St. Peterburg (ULLI)BFL4080DC-3263 nm
31St. Peterburg (ULLI)Jyvaskyla (EFJY)BFL4081DC-3205 nm
32Jyvaskyla (EFJY)Sundsvall Harnosand (ESNN)BFL4082DC-3228 nm
33Sundsvall Harnosand (ESNN)Flesland (ENBR)BFL4083DC-3375 nm
34Flesland (ENBR)Vágar Airport (EKVG)BFL4084DC-3376 nm
35Vágar Airport (EKVG)Akurnes (BIHN)BFL4085DC-3253 nm
36Akurnes (BIHN)Stornoway Airport (EGPO)BFL4086DC-3445 nm
37Stornoway Airport (EGPO)St Angelo Airport (EGAB)BFL4087DC-3233 nm
38St Angelo Airport (EGAB)Inverness / Dalcross (EGPE)BFL4088DC-3224 nm
39Inverness / Dalcross (EGPE)Kerry Airport (EIKY)BFL4089DC-3373 nm
40Kerry Airport (EIKY)Welshpool (EGCW)BFL4090DC-3235 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 11631 nm

Pilot's Progress

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1BFL1324 - Michael Chapman
2BFL1747 - Nigel Smith
3BFL1731 - John Forrest
4BFL2206 - Jeff Baker
5BFL1801 - Don Hodges
6BFL1154 - Dave Ham
7BFL0002 - Randy Kearnes
8BFL4103 - Guy Neild
9BFL3860 - Ulrich Seeckt
10BFL2917 - Richard Tillery
11BFL3769 - Mahendra Putut
12BFL1424 - Dan Audino
13BFL2761 - Douglas Gonzalez
14BFL2632 - Richard McMaster
15BFL4720 - Dave Grubb
16BFL3514 - Oscar Olson
17BFL4869 - Curtis Renshaw
18BFL5093 - Glenn Sayles
19BFL4535 - Phil White
20BFL5205 - Guy Haalebos
21BFL4735 - Rory ONeill
22BFL2852 - Steven Moody
23BFL5321 - Alan Platt
24BFL5441 - Geoff Price
25BFL5462 - Matheus Felix
26BFL5313 - Shane Watts