Norway to Scotland

Status: Complete

Description: With all of the cold weather exposure we have had for the last few months in the NWT this tour shouldn't prove to be too tricky for you seasoned Ice Pilots. All transit heights are up to you but I would recommend flying low and slow on this one to make the most of some of the worlds most beautiful vistas.Special thanks to BFL2074 Pete Sumner for putting this tour together. END DATE 31 July 2017

Norway to Scotland

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight ID Aircraft Distance
1Megamn (ENMH)Stokmarknes (ENSK)BFL3981DC-3322 nm
2Stokmarknes (ENSK)Rorvik (ENRM)BFL3982DC-3266 nm
3Rorvik (ENRM)Haukasen (ENSG)BFL3983DC-3248 nm
4Haukasen (ENSG)Sumburgh Airport (EGPB)BFL3984DC-3280 nm
5Sumburgh Airport (EGPB)Oban Airport (EGEO)BFL3985DC-3245 nm
6Oban Airport (EGEO)Kirkwall Airport (EGPA)BFL3986DC-3265 nm
7Kirkwall Airport (EGPA)Sumburgh Airport (EGPB)BFL3987DC-3239 nm
8Sumburgh Airport (EGPB)Flesland (ENBR)BFL3988DC-3231 nm
9Flesland (ENBR)Kristiansand Kjevik (ENCN)BFL3989DC-3194 nm
10Kristiansand Kjevik (ENCN)Fagernes (ENFG)BFL3990DC-3204 nm
11Fagernes (ENFG)Kristiansund (ENKB)BFL3991DC-3168 nm
12Kristiansund (ENKB)Broennoey (ENBN)BFL3992DC-3188 nm
13Broennoey (ENBN)SvolvAer (ENSH)BFL3993DC-3186 nm
14SvolvAer (ENSH)Megamn (ENMH)BFL3994DC-3344 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 3380 nm

Pilot's Progress

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1BFL1518 - Carl Smith
2BFL1731 - John Forrest
3BFL1324 - Michael Chapman
4BFL4554 - Stuart Raynor
5BFL1801 - Don Hodges
6BFL4119 - Quentin Somerset
7BFL2206 - Jeff Baker
8BFL4103 - Guy Neild
9BFL2917 - Richard Tillery
10BFL0420 - Dave Mosselman
11BFL2125 - Shadwell Platt
12BFL4262 - Corina Meyer
13BFL4125 - Michael Somerset
14BFL1741 - Frank Phlippo
15BFL2074 - Pete Sumner
16BFL0043 - Billy Collier
17BFL1154 - Dave Ham
18BFL3860 - Ulrich Seeckt
19BFL4476 - Garritt Powell
20BFL2816 - JB Reber
21BFL4116 - Martin Keen
22BFL3769 - Mahendra Putut
23BFL1459 - Ross Gray
24BFL3283 - Karl Leprich
25BFL0258 - Kenneth Sweeney
26BFL3278 - Phil Martin
27BFL4287 - Matthew Wuethrich
28BFL4583 - Marcel De Boer
29BFL4431 - Richard Fox
30BFL4608 - Joao Rui Silva