Chinese Odyssey

Status: Complete

Description: This month we head to the land of the rising sun and take our DC3 on a tour of China. Most of the legs are around 1 hour and although the routes are not taxing feel free to explore this amazing country as long as you take off and land at the correct airports. END DATE 31 May 2017.

Chinese Odyssey

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight ID Aircraft Distance
1Sanya Phoenix Intl (ZJSY)Haikou Meilan Intl (ZJHK)BFL3956DC-3114 nm
2Haikou Meilan Intl (ZJHK)Wuxu (ZGNN)BFL3957DC-3205 nm
3Wuxu (ZGNN)Liangjiang (ZGKL)BFL3958DC-3188 nm
4Liangjiang (ZGKL)Changsha Huanghua Intl (ZGHA)BFL3959DC-3246 nm
5Changsha Huanghua Intl (ZGHA)Changbei (ZSCN)BFL3960DC-3147 nm
6Changbei (ZSCN)Tianhe (ZHHH)BFL3961DC-3145 nm
7Tianhe (ZHHH)Hefei Xinqiao Intl (ZSOF)BFL3962DC-3170 nm
8Hefei Xinqiao Intl (ZSOF)Hangzhou Xiaoshan Intl (ZSHC)BFL3963DC-3187 nm
9Hangzhou Xiaoshan Intl (ZSHC)Shanghai Pudong International Airport (ZSPD)BFL3964DC-390 nm
10Shanghai Pudong International Airport (ZSPD)Nanjing Lukou Intl (ZSNJ)BFL3965DC-3155 nm
11Nanjing Lukou Intl (ZSNJ)Zhengzhou (ZHCC)BFL3966DC-3303 nm
12Zhengzhou (ZHCC)Jinan Yaoqiang Intl (ZSJN)BFL3967DC-3217 nm
13Jinan Yaoqiang Intl (ZSJN)Shijiazhuang Zhengding Intl (ZBSJ)BFL3968DC-3148 nm
14Shijiazhuang Zhengding Intl (ZBSJ)Binhai (ZBTJ)BFL3969DC-3135 nm
15Binhai (ZBTJ)Beijing Capital International Airport (ZBAA)BFL3970DC-367 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 2517 nm

Pilot's Progress

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1BFL1518 - Carl Smith
2BFL1324 - Michael Chapman
3BFL1731 - John Forrest
4BFL2206 - Jeff Baker
5BFL0043 - Billy Collier
6BFL1801 - Don Hodges
7BFL4436 - Roger Godden
8BFL0420 - Dave Mosselman
9BFL1154 - Dave Ham
10BFL1741 - Frank Phlippo
11BFL2125 - Shadwell Platt
12BFL4125 - Michael Somerset
13BFL4103 - Guy Neild
14BFL2917 - Richard Tillery
15BFL3860 - Ulrich Seeckt
16BFL2816 - JB Reber
17BFL4119 - Quentin Somerset
18BFL3377 - Patrick McGee
19BFL4183 - William Taylor
20BFL3283 - Karl Leprich
21BFL2761 - Douglas Gonzalez
22BFL4489 - Ricardo Rodrigues
23BFL3278 - Phil Martin
24BFL4262 - Corina Meyer
25BFL4575 - Gordon McCann