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Departure Arrival
Inuvik, N. W. T. (CYEV)
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Holman Island Airport (CYHI)
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Departure Time Arrival Time
06:00 08:10
Aircraft Distance
C-46 359.769
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Leg 03 of Mikeys Northern Customers. After GTXWs brand new engine fails Take C-FAVO on Mikeys Northern run delivering supplies to Norman Wells and then heading to Inuvik to pick up 20 doors and 20 pressurized windows to be delivered to Holman Island in the far North. FAVO has high fuel burn in the right engine 121 gph. You will have to manage your fuel carefully and keep in mind that Inuvik will be your last fuel stop as there is no fuel at Holman Island. Once the doors and windows are on board be sure to plan your altitude carefully as the double paned pressurized windows on board are filled with Argon Gas and the windows will burst if you take them higher than 10000 feet in a non pressurized cabin. Make sure your tanks are full as you won't have the opportunity to fill up on Holman Island and will have to make it back to Yellowknife from here. You will be VFR for this trip.
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