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Departure Arrival
Yellowknife, N. W. T. (CYZF)
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Thompson Weather Office, Man (CYTH)
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Departure Time Arrival Time
06:00 09:45
Aircraft Distance
DC-4 646.174
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Leg 01 of DC-4 Ice Runway Mining Supply Run. A mining company based in Geraldton Ontario had initialy contracted us to move 350000 lbs of equipment to their base camp in Northern Ontario. They've now increased the requirement to 600000 lbs. The C-46 is already in Geralton making runs but this job is time sensitive as your runway is melting quickly. The only place for you to land the DC-4 is on the ice runway at Missisa Lake. The coordinates of the lake are included in the route for that segment. CYGS is a fictional Airport!!! (Koper lake at 52.1133 North and -85.1739 West.). If you turn off crash detection Acars will record your touchdown rate and you can submit the PIREP. For this leg you set out from Yellowknife for your first fuel stop in Thompson Manitoba and then on to Geraldton to help the C-46.
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