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Welcome to Buffalo Airways Virtual

Inspired by the television show Ice Pilots NWT and our love of vintage aircraft we welcome you to Buffalo Airways Virtual. “The official VA partner of Buffalo Airways Ltd”

Through our strong partnership with the “Real World Buffalo Airways” we will bring exciting features not currently provided by other Virtual Airlines including real world flights given by Buffalo so that our members can keep up to date and fly the recent real world operations.

Our registration is open, once your registration is accepted please visit us on Discord. Thanks for the many years of support from our community and members, and we strive to provide a quality VA experience for many, many more years to come.

In May we began commemorating the 80th Anniversary of D-Day 80th.
We began with the delivery of FZ668 (Who would later become C-FDTD on Plane Savers) from the USA to England.
June saw the start of a 22 leg tour flying some of the routes that were flown by FZ668 prior to, including and after D-Day. On 6th June we had an online flight to mark the 80th Anniversary departing from RAF Blakehill Farm crossing over the English Channel to Touffreville, France and then the return RAF Blakehill Farm.
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The Current Date and Time in Hay River, NWT: 14/07/2024 13:33:21