PIREP Details
Pilot Name:
Flight Status:
Date Submitted:
Flight Time:
Aircraft Used:
DC-3 / C-47 - C-FLFR
Departure Airfield:
Baker Municipal Airport
Arrival Airfield:
Oakridge State
Flight Details
Gross Revenue:
(6000 load / $ 1.00 per unit
$ 6, 000.00
Fuel Cost:
(636 fuel used @ 3.1 / unit)
$ 1, 971.60

Flight Report
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PIREP Comments
William Dietrich Sorry Richard, I've been forced to reject due to indications both the positive and negative landing rate maximums have been exceeded. If you can explain this was caused by a scenery issue I would be grateful to reverse this rejection.
William Dietrich Accepted based on airport elevation issues having been experienced.

Route Map