PIREP Details
Pilot Name:
Flight Status:
Date Submitted:
Flight Time:
Aircraft Used:
CL-215 - C-FTUV
Departure Airfield:
Kapuskasing Airport
Arrival Airfield:
Flight Details
Gross Revenue:
(3950 load / $ 1.00 per unit
$ 3, 950.00
Fuel Cost:
(4155 fuel used @ 3.1 / unit)
$ 12, 880.50

PIREP Comments
Michael Chapman smartcars stopped working on approach. smartCARS version, 2021/6/11 UTC+1 [12:06:04 PM] Preflight started, flying offline [12:06:04 PM] Flying CL-215 Buffalo Airways C-FTUV [12:06:04 PM] Engine 1 is on [12:06:04 PM] Engine 2 is on [12:06:26 PM] Flaps set to position 1 [12:06:33 PM] Pushing back with 2125 kg of fuel [12:06:35 PM] Taxiing to runway [12:06:41 PM] Taking off [12:06:54 PM] Climbing, pitch: 2, roll: level, 116 kts [12:06:56 PM] Gear lever raised at 32 ft at 118 kts [12:07:27 PM] Flaps set to position 0 at 990 ft at 135 kts [12:10:08 PM] Cruising at 5000ft, pitch: 0, 178 kts [02:23:54 PM] Descending [02:23:54 PM] Approaching [02:27:56 PM] Flaps set to position 1 at 3838 ft at 139 kts [02:28:51 PM] Final approach, 134 kts [02:29:27 PM] Flaps set to position 2 at 2574 ft at 123 kts
Richard McMaster Hi Michael, we have been trying to run Buffalo Airlines Virtual like a real airline. To that end we have been encouraging pilots to load only the fuel plus reserve required for the flight. I want to direct your attention to the aircraft configuration under the OPERATIONS tab. It contains information regarding the maximum load for each aircraft and we encourage you to maximize your load as per the information contained within. That way, money losing flights such as this one (-$9462.94) should be a rare occurrence.

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