PIREP Details
Pilot Name:
Flight Status:
Date Submitted:
Flight Time:
Aircraft Used:
C-46 - C-FAVO
Departure Airfield:
Slave Lake Airport
Arrival Airfield:
Kelowna Airport
Flight Details
Gross Revenue:
(17000 load / $ 1.00 per unit
$ 17, 000.00
Fuel Cost:
(1906 fuel used @ 3.1 / unit)
$ 5, 908.60

Flight Report
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PIREP Comments
Richard McMaster the maximum load that smartCARS would accept was 3. I will not be surprised if this is a money losing flight. Stalls occured while I was busy with DISCORD discussing the load factor for this flight. D'oh!
Dave Grubb I edited the pirep to give you a load of 30000lbs, so there will be no deduction from your salary....!
Dave Grubb Oops, meant to say 17000lbs.....

Route Map