PIREP Details
Pilot Name:
Flight Status:
Date Submitted:
Flight Time:
Aircraft Used:
Departure Airfield:
Fort Simpson, N. W. T.
Arrival Airfield:
Hay River, N. W. T.
Flight Details
Gross Revenue:
(6365 load / $ 1.00 per unit
$ 6, 365.00
Fuel Cost:
(163 fuel used @ 3.1 / unit)
$ 505.30

Flight Report
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PIREP Comments
Robert Carrell I understand if this has to be rejected. I had a hard time with the AP on this plane. When I turned it on it would just about send the plane into a spiral. I tried a few times before just hand flying the whole way. Decent landing though haha
Ulrich Seeckt Hi Robert, the AP was not the problem but you used a Baron instead of the DC3. That is not allowed. You have to use the plane indicated in the schedule. Ulrich

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