PIREP Details
Pilot Name:
Flight Status:
Date Submitted:
Flight Time:
Aircraft Used:
L-188 - C-GLBA
Departure Airfield:
Resolute, N. W. T.
Arrival Airfield:
Greenwood, N. S.
Flight Details
Gross Revenue:
(28939 load / $ 0.00 per unit
$ 0.00
Fuel Cost:
(19436 fuel used @ 3.1 / unit)
$ 60, 251.60

Flight Report
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PIREP Comments
Immanuel Doebrich Hi and sorry but same error again. Was writing an email to Aerosoft support bcs. a problem with one of their addons during flight when firefox - window minimized again a several times all for a sudden. As a consequence the gear lowered inflight... ;( Even when I paused the sim it happened as you can see in the PIREP above. Tried a lot of things to work it out already but it seems that nothing helped so far. Have to digg somewhat deeper I`m afraid. Kindly do not reject bcs. of this, sorry again for all inconveniencies caused
William Dietrich No worries at all about the gear, we all have issues at times, this will not be cause for a rejection.

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