Before submitting your application please read the following terms...

Please note that Membership is open to pilots using FSX, FSX-SE, P3Dv1 through 6*, X-Plane 11 & 12 and MSFS 2020.

We are currently unable to accept X-Box Users nor will FS2004 & FS9 be further supported.

Account and Membership Status

  • Buffalo Airways Virtual reserves the right to cancel or suspend  a pilot's account or refuse membership without any prior notice.
  • No more than 2 registrations per person shall be accepted; further registrations will be rejected
  • If you would like to terminate your account, send us an email and we will delete your account and all information we store.  If you would like to re-apply at a later stage, simply register as you normally would.  Please be aware of the fact that once we delete your account, we won't keep your hours and we won't credit them back to you.
  • Previously terminated (self removed or otherwise) members will not receive credit for previous flight time, rank position or award status, no exceptions.
  • Pilots must be at least 16 years of age, No exceptions.
  • The email address provided must be valid and in working condition.  Failure to keep your email up to date and working could result in termination of your account.
  • Buffalo Airways Virtual can not be used for advertising.  Any member of Buffalo Airways Virtual found advertising in any way will have his/her account suspended.
  • Pilots Must refrain from vulgar or obscene language.
  • All pilots just be MATURE, immature pilots who cause problems will be removed.

PIREPS (Pilot Reports)

  • Slew and Time Accelearation must NOT be used when you have your Acars recording.
  • New pilots must fly at least one (1) PIREP whithin 14 days of their application or face being removed.
  • To remain active pilots must file one (1) PIREP every 30 days.
  • Pilots will be removed if they do not fly at least one (1) flight within a 90 day period (60 after being set to inactive).
  • *All Flights must be recorded by either BFL smartCARS, XACARS, FSPassengers, FS Flight Keeper or FSAcars.
  • Manual PIREPS will only be accepted if their is a valid online flight - Please add a comment if you flew on Vatsim/IVAO/VSN networks.
  • Flights flown by other aircraft than that assigned on the schedule will be rejected.
  • Certain ranks do not use the full Buffalo fleet, please check the ranks page for more information.

Flying Online

  • When flying online you must show professinalism at all times.
  • If you have an online ID, please enter it correctly when submitting your application.
  • The pilot must fly under the correct callsign.
  • Please complete flights properly, minimize mistakes and act professionally at all times.
  • When flying online place a link back to to help promote the airline.
  • Where there is a route available, pilots must not fly 'Direct GPS'

Other Information

  • You have read and understand our Privacy Policy (PDF)
  • You have read and understand our Discord AUP (PDF)
  • Once registered, reading the Operations Manual is recommended.