Name: Mikey McBryan  
Callsign: BFL0171 / Visit Profile  
Honourary: Real World Buffalo (General Manager)  
Location: Canada  
Website: www.buffaloairwear.com  

Name: Sean Barry  
Callsign: BFL0326 / Visit Profile  
Honourary: Former Real World Buffalo (Pilot)  
Location: Canada  
Website: www.buffaloairways.com  

Jane Whittaker
Callsign: BFL1210 / Visit Profile  
Honourary: VA Mascot & PC Pilot (Assistant Editor)  
Location: United Kingdom  
Website: www.pcpilot.net  

Name: Markus Hellwig  
Callsign: BFL0099 / Visit Profile  
Honourary: Aircraft Re-Painter  
Location: Germany  
Website: http://flightsim.com/ (Search Files)  

Name: Flight Ontario  
Callsign: Unavailable  
Honourary: Scenery Design  
Location: Canada  
Website: http://www.flightontario.com/  

Name: Dan Boone
Callsign: BFL0036 / Visit Profile
About Dan: Dan was one of the founding members at Buffalo Airways Virtual and unfortunately passed away on Febuary 22nd 2012. Dan was a true gentleman, bonded with many people and will be severely missed by everyone at Buffalo Airways Virtual. BFL0036 will always remain his.

Name: Arnie Schreder
Callsign: -
About Arnie: Arnie Schreder was Buffalo Airways' chief pilot for many years. Arnie inspired thousands of people around the world to follow their dream of flight. Arnie was an inspiration to everyone on the Buffalo Airways Virtual Staff Team and Buffalo Airways Virtual Pilots. Rest In Peace Arnie, 1942 - 2012 'The Last Dambuster'.

Name: Jimmy Essery
Callsign: -
About Jimmy: Jimmy Essery, an engineer at Buffalo for numerous years sadly passed away in 2012. He will be missed by Buffalo and all who knew him. Rest In Peace Jimmy, 1954 - 2012.

Name: Kelly Jurasevich
Callsign: BFL0795 / Visit Profile
About Jimmy: Kelly Jurasevich, formerly the cargo manager for numerous years at Buffalo, sadly passed away in 2017. She will be missed by Buffalo and all who knew her. Rest In Peace Kelly, 1967 - 2017.