The following people contribute to Buffalo Airways Virtual's website monthly.


BFL1755 - Daniel Rive, BFL4125 - Michael Somerset, BFL4720 - Dave Grubb, BFL1747 - Nigel Smith, BFL4128 - Pascal Kuffer,
BFL3278 - Phil Martin, BFL2592 - Richard Krone, BFL1831 - Kjell Bergli, Mike Madery, & BFL2019 - Stephen Birchall

In November 2018 we launched an appeal to raise $251 for our forum software upgrade in order to keep over eight years of data!

The following people contributed to our forum:

BFL1755 - Daniel Rive, Mikey Mcbryan & Buffalo Airwear, BFL0002 - Randy Kearnes, BFL1801 - Don Hodges & BFL4885 - Steven Ballance

Running a virtual-airline is costing alot these days, from website hosting and software, it all adds up!

Buffalo Airways Virtual could not run without donations.

From $1 to $100, every little helps! Donations help to keep this virtual-airline active, online and uptodate, Please consider donating,
you will even get a Donator's award as seen on our awards page!

Thanks in advance,
Thomas, Randy and the Buffalo Airways Virtual Staff Team