We are now on Discord!

Posted by Patrick McGee on 29/07/2018

Hello Buffalo Pilots,

Buffalo Airways Virtual is now on Discord! For those that don't know what Discord is, its a voice chat application similar to Teamspeak. At some point in the future we will be removing our Teamspeak and switching to Discord. For now both Teamspeak and Discord are available. Come join us on Discord, our Discord info can be found on the "Teamspeak Info" page under the resources tab once you have logged in.

The Buffalo Airways Staff team

Registration page

Posted by Patrick McGee on 22/05/2018

Hello Pilots, and interested new pilots,

As you know we have had issues with our registration page lately and we do apologize for the inconvience. However we are pleased to annouce that the registration page is now working and new pilots can now register succesfully.

The Buffalo Airways Virtual Staff Team

Staff Team Changes

Posted by Patrick McGee on 26/03/2018

Hello Buffalo Pilots,

We are pleased to announce some recent changes to the staff team.

Please welcome BFL1747 Nigel Smith as our Operations Manager, Nigel has been with Buffalo for many years, most recently he was our Yellowknife CYZF Hub manager and has recently accepted the postion of Operations Manager. We look forward to working with Nigel in his new role.

Please also welcome BFL4659 Leon Vermeulen as Yellowknife Hub Manager. Leon has been our company hub manager for several months now and has been doing a great job for us. With Nigel accepting the Operations manager position this left the Yellowknife Hub postion open, Leon has accepted this position and has been promoted to Yellowknife Hub Manager and we look forward to working with Leon in his new role.

These changes are effective immediately and Congrats to you both!

New Staff Member

Posted by Patrick McGee on 24/01/2018

Hello Buffalo Pilots,

Please Welcome our new CHM (Company Hub Manager) BFL4659 Leon Vermeulen.

The Buffalo Airways Virtual Staff Team

SmartCARS Now Available!

Posted by Patrick McGee on 28/10/2017

My Fellow Buffalo Virtual Airways Pilots,

The Buffalo Staff and I are pleased to announce the arrival of the SmartCARS flight tracking program.
We are able to bring this to you through the gracious donations of our pilot membership.
The Buffalo Airways Virtual staff have been testing the program for the last few weeks and are
excited to finally be able to add this program to our Download Section.

The SmartCARS user manual is available here:

Please take the opportunity to download this program and install it.
Your current login credentials are the same used to log into SmartCARS.
After logging in just click on the "Flights" in the left tab and then click on "New" at the bottom.
You will have several options to search for flights. One way is to click on the "Any" box and select the
aircraft you would like to fly. You then click search and the list of flights will pop up with the flight numbers also
listed. Scroll and select the flight you want and then click on "Bid". Then click on "Back" and then click on the flight and
you bid on. Then click on "Fly". All your flight info will pop up for you to review. If all looks good click on "Start" and away you
go. When you land and apply the brakes you just click on "Finish" and then "File Pirep".
It really isn't hard to get going. If you happen to run into any problems or have any questions, e-mail your hub manager, Patrick McGee or myself.
The BFL Acars will remain in the Download section for those who are running 32 bit and cannot utilize SmartCARS.
We hope this additional tool will make flying here even more enjoyable.
Thank you,

The Buffalo Airways Virtual Staff Team