Pirep Submission Errors

Posted by Dave Grubb on 12/01/2022

It appears some pilots have been getting errors when submitting a pirep, If this occurs, DO NOT submit the pirep again without first checking the website home page Recent Arrivals to see whether the pirep did in fact submit OK. If it did, and smartCARS hasn't refreshed and removed the flight from your bids, you can safely delete it from smartCars manually.

BAV Staff Team

Christmas Gathering

Posted by Glenn Sayles on 04/12/2021

Sunday 19th December @ 19:00zulu/utc Christmas get together for Buffalo Airways pilots on discord in the Buffalo Inn channel.


Tour De USA Flight plans

Posted by Glenn Sayles on 31/10/2021

For the new tour please use the Flight plans that are located in  the download area  under Tour De USA 



The plans are in .PLN format and the default format for lil' navmap

Landing Comp. Winner

Posted by Glenn Sayles on 01/10/2021

The Winner of the landing competition is BFL4919 - Gavin Mclean.

Congratulations Gavin job well done!

New Staff Member

Posted by Dave Grubb on 13/09/2021

Following our recent appeal for volunteers for the Company Hub Manager role, we are pleased to announce that BFL5497  - Richard Schmidt was the successful applicant and will be taking up his role in due course.