New Staff Member

Posted by Patrick McGee on 24/01/2018

Hello Buffalo Pilots,

Please Welcome our new CHM (Company Hub Manager) BFL4659 Leon Vermeulen.

The Buffalo Airways Virtual Staff Team

SmartCARS Now Available!

Posted by Patrick McGee on 29/10/2017

My Fellow Buffalo Virtual Airways Pilots,

The Buffalo Staff and I are pleased to announce the arrival of the SmartCARS flight tracking program.
We are able to bring this to you through the gracious donations of our pilot membership.
The Buffalo Airways Virtual staff have been testing the program for the last few weeks and are
excited to finally be able to add this program to our Download Section.

The SmartCARS user manual is available here:

Please take the opportunity to download this program and install it.
Your current login credentials are the same used to log into SmartCARS.
After logging in just click on the "Flights" in the left tab and then click on "New" at the bottom.
You will have several options to search for flights. One way is to click on the "Any" box and select the
aircraft you would like to fly. You then click search and the list of flights will pop up with the flight numbers also
listed. Scroll and select the flight you want and then click on "Bid". Then click on "Back" and then click on the flight and
you bid on. Then click on "Fly". All your flight info will pop up for you to review. If all looks good click on "Start" and away you
go. When you land and apply the brakes you just click on "Finish" and then "File Pirep".
It really isn't hard to get going. If you happen to run into any problems or have any questions, e-mail your hub manager, Patrick McGee or myself.
The BFL Acars will remain in the Download section for those who are running 32 bit and cannot utilize SmartCARS.
We hope this additional tool will make flying here even more enjoyable.
Thank you,

The Buffalo Airways Virtual Staff Team

Forum Down

Posted by Thomas Emms on 05/10/2017

Hi Everyone,

The forum will be temporarily down from the 5th October 2017 @ 23:59 Zulu for up to 72 hours.

This is due to a major upgrade on the admin panel which is well over due.

Thank you for your patience,

Thomas Emms

New Acars info

Posted by Patrick McGee on 01/10/2017

Dear fellow Buffalo Pilots,

I wanted to take a moment and Thank You for being a member.
Buffalo Airways Virtual has been around for 7 years now.
Some of you may have just joined and others have been here since the beginning.
During our 7 years we have survived by the gracious donations from our members.
Our Server, Acars, and TeamSpeak are all supported by donations. If you have made a
donation in the past we want to Thank You once again.
As mentioned our Acars system is 7 years old and we no longer have Tech support from
the folks that created it for us. If you have flown lately you have noticed a script error that
comes up before or after your flight. This is due to a change in the google map that goes along
with mapping your flight. Google has made changes and we cannot adapt to it on our end anymore.
We have a great VA here and I would like to make it a fun and non problematic place to fly.
The staff and I would like to make an improvement to our Acars system.
We have done some research and we looking to upgrade to the smartCARS system.
Some of you may be familiar with this flight tracking system. It looks like it would be a good fit
for us here at Buffalo.
We would like to implement this into our VA and ask you to be a part of this. Since we are a not for profit
VA and purely operate on donations we would like to offer an opportunity for our pilots to help improve the flying
experience here by making a small donation towards the project.
We will begin a fundraiser for this starting October 1, 2017 and run for 2 weeks and close at the end of the day on October 14, 2017.
Donations will be accepted through Pay-Pal and there a two places on our site to click on. One is on your Profile Page and the other
is on the Forum page. Donations can be of any amount. Every little bit helps. Any donation during this time frame will go directly to the
purchase of the program. Please also note that we also ask for your continuing support all year round by your donations.
The Buffalo Staff and I want to Thank You for taking time out to read this and for your ongoing support.
If you have any questions about this or anything else please feel free to contact myself or another staff member.
Thanks again.

Sincerely the Buffalo Airways Virtual Staff

Staff Postitions Available

Posted by Patrick McGee on 24/09/2017

Hello Pilots,

We still have a few staff postions open, Social Media Manager and Company Hub Manager. If you are interested please contact Jeff Baker or Dave Mosselman.

The Buffalo Airways Virtual Staff