New Additions

Posted by Glenn Sayles on 10/05/2021

Buffalo Airways now has a Twin Otter and routes for it. It is available in our  down load center
We also have a new hub manager for CYEG BFL5441 Geoff Price.

CYEG Hub manager

Posted by Glenn Sayles on 29/04/2021

We are looking for a hub manager for CYEG if anyone is interested please contact @BFL4659 - Leon Vermeulen / 


Here's a description of the position:

BAV & Vatsim

Posted by Dave Grubb on 05/04/2021

Currently, Buffalo Airways Virtual is not an accredited VA on Vatsim. We are currently going through the application process, hopefully in due course accreditation.will be forthcoming.

In the meantime, BAV pilots can still fly on Vatsim using their BFL ID - however, as Vatsim are likely monitoring BAV as part of the application process, our pilots must be seen to be adhereing to Vatsim rules.

In particular, it is most important that a Vatsim flight plan is filed before departure.- it doesn't reflect well on us if any of our pilots fly on Vatsim without a filed flight plan and you enter controlled airspace!

BAV staff will be randomly monitoring pilots flying on Vatsim to ensure adherence to the rules.

Thanks for you cooperation.

The BAV Staff Team

Maximum cargo/passenger loads

Posted by Dave Grubb on 30/03/2021

Please can we ask all pilots to fly with the maximum allowable load, provided that the a/c is within the maximum take off weight. The max cargo/passenger loads can be found on the website:

The BAV Staff Team

Free Flight

Posted by Glenn Sayles on 28/03/2021

As the tour Asiatic Odyssey - Pt 1 has come to an end 3/14/21, Part 2 will begin on April 4th.
For the next couple of weekends to fill the gap we will be having a group flight flown on Vatsim. 
The flight will be that you can fly any plane that you wish and start at any airport.
The flight parameters are that you fly from your chosen airport and fly over Hayriver (CYHY) @ 18:00 Zulu/UTC then onto Yellowknife.
1. Fly from airport A
2. We all Meet over Hayriver (CYHY) @18:00 Zulu/UTC 
   2a. Fly a holding pattern over Hayriver  CYHY untill all pilots are 
         over the airport to fly to CYZF as a group
3. Land at Yellowknife (CYZF)
This Will be held on Sunday March 21 and 28. 
If you would like the flight to be counted for your Buffalo Flight time the starting airport must be a flight from the BFL's flight Sched. to Yellowknife CYZF 
If you can't make the first one you can fly the second one or fly both days from a different plane and or airport.
Happy landings, 
BFL Staff