March 1st Update

Posted by William Dietrich on 01/03/2023

Folks!  The ice is thawing and the Basler is back in town for the Summer.

CF-DQJ and all our float planes are are again available for your flying pleasure!

and... two new tours released:

Forum Link: details and freeware airport links - Release the Canuck


Beechcraft Bus Run

Forum Link: details and freeware airport links - Beechcraft Bus Run

Landing Rate Update

Posted by William Dietrich on 06/02/2023

The latest DC-6 flights in MSFS's (with landings at a number of sloped runway airports in Alaska) have shown a change is again necessary to our landing rates.  Please note, effective immeadiatly, our new acceptable touchdown rates include +800 though -500 fpm

Thank you,

BAV Staff Team

737-301SF - Now Active

Posted by William Dietrich on 18/01/2023

Buffalo Airways Virtual has placed our 737 on the line!

Forum Links Below:

Read details about Buffalo's soon to arrive asset; our teams approach to see it is available in ALL our current sims as well as access to our training material and links to approved aircraft.

Details for our 737 Training Tour - Chief Pilot Refinement

Seal Census - ORBX Winner!

Posted by William Dietrich on 31/12/2022

Congratulations BFL4919 - Gavin Mclean!  Gavin was randomly selected from the 15 finishers of the 2022 Seal Census Tour and will receive an ORBX company title of his choice as a prize through our sponsorship.

BAV Discord Christmas Party!

Posted by William Dietrich on 10/12/2022

Open to all BAV Pilots:

We're hosting a Virtual Christmas Party on Discord, with special guest, Buffalo Airways General Manager, Mikey McBryan!

What: Virtual Christmas Party (on Discord)

When: Saturday - December 17th - 1800 UTC - 11am local Yellowknife

Where: The Lounge (BAV's voice chat room on Discord)

If you have not yet used Discord, please join in soon. It offers an easy opportunuty to meet other pilots, share insight, screenshots and much more!  All you need is your computer or a phone, it's a very simple process to get started.

Discord Information: