Group Flights Dec22 - Feb23

Posted by William Dietrich on 01/12/2022


Now active in the schedule - 30 new flights joining together 15 different aircraft over 13 legs covering 4500+ nm. The route departs Red Deer and ends in Province Town with the southernmost stop over visiting Mustang Beach in Texas.
Each Leg includes route instructions with cruising altitude and true airspeed recommendations. The goal is to keep pilots flying together. It might take some effort but do your best to allow time for slower climbing aircraft to depart early and/or orbit at cruise altitude and join up before continuing on course as a group.
All these flights can be flown individually but you're going to find meeting up in JoinFS (server - Digital Theme Park) and using our Discord channel for voice (Group Flights Comms) with other BAV Pilots will be an incredible experience. As an added bonus, there's no pressure to perform for ATC! Everyone is free to schedule group flights at any time you both, or your group might choose! If you're available or looking for help to get started, visit with our pre scheduled Group Flights each Sunday currently departing at 1400Z (most active) and 1800Z.
As this is not a tour, there will not be an award nor is there any reason to sign up, your progress will not be tracked. Successfully completed PIREPS earn you flight time and all memories are yours to keep!
Click Here for Full Details:

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Buffalo Airways Virtual


Grand Dakota Tour - NWT

Posted by William Dietrich on 30/11/2022

To improve the experiance of this tour in the Northwest Territories we searched out addon airports for sims when needed AND some airport identifiers are dirrefent.  

All airports are supportable in FSX*, P3D, X-Plane** and MSFS***.  

*FSX: Trout Lake Airport, CEU9 = CEG9 in FSX

**X-Plane: Great Bear Lake Airport, CFF4 = FF4 in X-Plane AND you MUST install freeware airport CDK2

***MSFS - MUST install freeware airports CYPC, CYHI, CYSY and CYFR

Add-on links and leg details are available in the tour thread on the forum (click link below):

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Buffalo Airways Virtual








Staff Recruitment

Posted by Geoff Price on 13/10/2022

Buffalo Airways Virtual currently have 2 staff vacancies available.

Company Hub Manager

Training Hub Manager 


If your able to commit 5 hours per week and would enjoy helping to run your Airline then please,

either contact your Hub Manager or the Chief Personel Officer for full details. 

Landing Rate Update

Posted by William Dietrich on 01/09/2022

MSFS's additional sloping runway feature has helped our team find another discussion topic.  Given a pilot's touchdown during landing may now actually be in a climb, we are raising the acceptable positive rate while maintaining the negitive rate.

In summary - acceptable touchdown rates (during landing) now include: +200 though -500 fpm

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BAV Staff Team


Posted by Dave Grubb on 31/08/2022

As smartCARS gives no indication of the sim being used, pilots flying in MSFS using an approved substitute aircraft MUST add a comment to that effect in the pirep before submitting. This is to avoid any confusion for Hub Managers when reviewing pireps.


The BAV Staff Team