Software Piracy and MSFS

The Staff Team are aware of aircraft being ported from FSX to the new simulator.

Of particular concern to us is the M Jahn C-47, which has been (poorly) ported over without the developers permission, and with no reference to him.  In essence this is software piracy, and he has asked various hosting sites to remove the download of this version - this has been complied with by all except for a site called, where the download is still available.

Whilst we have no control over people downloading and using this aircraft, we will not countenance it's use on Buffalo AIrways Virtual operations. Any pirep filed using this aircraft will be rejected.

Our understanding is that permission has now been granted to a selected developer to convert the MJ C-47 to MSFS, and also that a payware version is currently in development. Pilots using MSFS must wait until these are released before flying scheduled flights in the DC3.

The BAV Staff Team

Mail Id: 149 | Posted By: Dave Grubb | Post Date: 2020-11-04 09:02:50