Ranking Tours

Hello fellow BAV pilots.

As you should be aware, we have recently overhauled our ranking system to better reflect the aircraft types in our fleet and the rank required to fly them.
Consequently, our ranking tours - Breaking in the Rampie, Flight Attendant Flight School and Co-Pilot Crackdown, have all been overhauled to cater for the changes. In addition, a new tour, Captain Work-up, has been created to make the transition to the 4-engined 'Heavies' (DC6, L-188 & P3A).

The current Rampie, Flight Attendant & Co-pilot tours will be replaced with the revamped tours on Monday 12th October - unfortunately this means that pilots currently on these tours will lose all progress and will have to re-start the tour. Tour pireps already filed, rank and hours accrued are not affected and will remain on your profile.

We appreciate that this is not ideal for those currently on the tours, but this is the only way we can make the transition to the new tours.

Pilots who have completed any of these tours, and already have the award, should not sign up for the revamped tours as awards are only issued once.The Captain Work-up tour is open to all qualifying ranks.

The BAV Staff Team

Mail Id: 147 | Posted By: Dave Grubb | Post Date: 2020-10-08 09:17:54