BT-67; Pireps, Flight time

Hello fellow BAV pilots.

Please be aware that the Basler BT-67 that has been leased to Buffalo Airways from Kenn Borek air will be leaving at the end of September as the contract is up. We will be removing the aircraft from our fleet as well as all schedules for it on October 1st.

We'd like to draw your attention to pireps. To avoid pireps being rejected, please remember that it is your responsibility to complete flights within the set parameters. Before submitting, please take the time to review your pirep - paying particular attention to landing rate (the most common cause of rejection), landing with the gear up. fuel usage (no mid-air refuelling, no flying with unlimited fuel), excessive overspeeds/stalls demonstrating poor control, slewing, and if using BFLAcars, AFK's not exceeding 60 mins. Most importantly, fly the aircraft specified in the flight schedule! If you encounter any issues during a flight you'd like taken into consideration, please add an explanatary comment to the pirep before submitting. It will help your HUB manager to understand and decide whether to accept or reject the pirep.

As you should be aware, there is a time limit of 8 hours for the amount of hours you can fly in an 24 hour period. Pilots should not exceed this otherwise the pirep taking you over the limit will be rejected. However, we appreciate there may be occasions when a flight may take longer than expected, ie weather issues, so if this occurs on a flight taking you over the limit you must add an explanatary comment to the pirep for your HUB manager to take into consideration. If there is no comment the pirep will be rejected.

The BAV Staff Team

Mail Id: 144 | Posted By: Dave Grubb | Post Date: 2020-09-09 18:59:10