Sunday Fun Day Fly In

For the month of April Buffalo Airways VA is planning virtual get together on Sunday April 19 th at 17:00 Zulu time (real word time). For the Sunday Fun Day Fly In you will get to fly the plane of your choice Buffalo or Non Buffalo. The Starting Airport will also Be of your choice. But the Arrival time must be at 17:00 Zulu time real world time. So here is your chance to fly and show off your favorite plane and to test your planning skills. The runway that we will use is 33/15 for takeoff and landing

  1. Choose your favorite plane
  2. Choose your starting airport
  3. Arrive at Yellowknife CYZF at 17:00 Zulu real world time
  4. Park along rwy 27 as shown in above diagram
  5. Please take a screen shot (picture) of your plane at CYZF and email BFL5093 Glenn Sayles your picture and post to discord if all possible. Not all planes will be viewed as you see yours so take a pic.
  6. Once out of range of ATC if there is any and within range of CYZF tune Your com to 123.400 for the Buffalo frequency
  7. Remember This Is a VATSIM flight so if there is ATC for CYZF the towers instructions will supersedes the previous instructions.
  8. Any questions feel free to ask on discord, email, or post in the BAV forum

*When flying on Vatsim and not on discord you can tune to com frequency 123.40 which is the Com. Freq. for Buffalo Airways or type .msg pilots call sign example: .msg BFL5093 Hi there what’s up, to open a private chat with another pilot.

Mail Id: 135 | Posted By: Glenn Sayles | Post Date: 2020-04-06 13:23:13