NOTAM Rule Changes

Hello Buffalo Pilots,

The staff is currently working on making some changes to our rules and policies, while the operations manual has not yet been updated to reflect these changes, I wanted to share now whats changing, as follows -

Uncontrolled flights, currently we do not reject pireps for stalls or overspeed, as these can occur for a variety of reasons. However our hub managers now have discretion on this, what we like to see is a pilot regain control of their aircraft after a stall or overspeed event. Should we see a pirep that contains excessive or continuous stalls or overspeeds that are not corrected in a timely manner, the hub managers may reject for this as they now have full discretion in these cases.

Multiple flights, should multiple flights be flown/submitted at the same phystical time (ie flying on more than 1 PC at once), you may also be rejected, this is also at the hub managers discretion.

We are also updating the greased landing rate from -10 to -100 as we beielve -10 was too aggresive. This change requires an update to the website code/logic and is not active yet, but this will be updated soon in tandum with our operations manual updates.



Mail Id: 128 | Posted By: Patrick McGee | Post Date: 2019-04-19 15:40:08