2019 a year of Staff change

Hello Buffalo Pilots,

This is Patrick you may know me as the Chief Technical Officer, with the new year alot of changes are happening with Buffalo, and I wanted to write this to keep you all informed as to whats happening.

First let me give a huge thanks to BFL2206 Jeff Baker, Jeff has been with us for 7 years now and has held various staff positions over the years. You may know Jeff as the Chief Executive Officer as this was his most recent staff position. Due to unforseen circumstances, Jeff has stepped down from Staff effective January first. Jeff a big thank you from me and the staff team for your many years of service as a staff member, we appreciate your efforts over the years!

With Jeff stepping down as CEO, I have stepped into the CEO position, effective Jan 1 I am excited to be your new CEO, and i hope to continue the buffalo virtual legacy for many more years to come!

You may also know BFL1747 Nigel Smith, Nigel has covered many staff positions over the years, from hub manager to Chief Personnel Officer and everything in between, much like Jeff, Nigel has been here for many years. I am also very exicted to announce that effective today Nigel is now our Chief Operating Officer!

And last but certainly not least, BFL2784 Jamie Borland is now our Social Media Manager, this is a position that has been unfilled for some time, Jamie has been in this position for a few months now. So far hes doing a fine job, feel free to check out our facebook page and say hello to Jamie - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Buffalo-Airways-Virtual/186407131381171

The Staff Page has been updated to reflect these changes, and I look forward to my new role as CEO.

Thanks and Happy New Year,
BFL3377 - Patrick McGee


Mail Id: 127 | Posted By: Patrick McGee | Post Date: 2019-01-07 20:22:21