Staff Team Changes

Hello Buffalo Pilots,

We are pleased to announce some recent changes to the staff team.

Please welcome BFL1747 Nigel Smith as our Operations Manager, Nigel has been with Buffalo for many years, most recently he was our Yellowknife CYZF Hub manager and has recently accepted the postion of Operations Manager. We look forward to working with Nigel in his new role.

Please also welcome BFL4659 Leon Vermeulen as Yellowknife Hub Manager. Leon has been our company hub manager for several months now and has been doing a great job for us. With Nigel accepting the Operations manager position this left the Yellowknife Hub postion open, Leon has accepted this position and has been promoted to Yellowknife Hub Manager and we look forward to working with Leon in his new role.

These changes are effective immediately and Congrats to you both!

Mail Id: 123 | Posted By: Patrick McGee | Post Date: 2018-03-26 09:26:09