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We are looking to bring on several new staff members.
This is a great entry level position. No prior experience required.
We will provide all the training you will need. Come join us.
This posting will remain active till further notice.
Thanks in advance.

Staff Position Available (Hub Manager)

Position Title: Hub Manager
Company: Buffalo Airways Virtual


The primary objective of a Buffalo Airways Virtual Hub Manager is to create a warm and friendly atmosphere while providing guidance and support for our members. I will embrace Buffalo Airways Virtual Best Practices and Mission ensuring an extraordinary experience for all our members.


§ This position directly reports to the Chief Executive Officer.
§ This position works closely with the other Hub Managers.
§ This position is expected to commit about 5 hours per week to their duties. Usually it takes less than 5 hours.
§ Additionally, this position works with the Human Resources Manager to assist in coaching and leading fellow members.


§ Review and edit Pireps before accepting, rejecting or deleting (please see the staff section of the forum for guidelines on accepting Pireps).
§ Plan and coordinate group multi-flight events hosted by your hub including posting relevant information about the event on the events section of the forum.
§ Regular and prompt attendance to Buffalo Airways Virtual staff events. We do understand that not everyone can make it to every meeting. You are required to review meeting minutes and follow up on any actionable items in your bailey-wick.
§ Assist new members (whether they belong to your hub or not) in getting applicable software installed and working properly without theft of intellectual property or creating a breach copyright laws.
§ Mature and professional communication and relationship building with potential and existing Buffalo Airways Virtual members.
§ Respond in a timely and professional manner to inquiries in your message panels on the website, the forum and your company e-mail.
§ Promote Buffalo Airways Virtual products, features & benefits.
§ Manage complaints and escalate to the Human Resources Manager only if necessary.
§ Update skills and knowledge as required.
§ Passion, knowledge and integrity in all components of the Buffalo Airways Virtual business.
§ Submit one “new” flight route suggestion (originating from your hub) to the Chief Operating Officer on a weekly basis for review.
§ 24hr or less follow up on messages sent to you from Buffalo Airways Virtual members.


§ Exceptional inter-personal skills.
§ Contributes an energetic and positive attitude to the Buffalo Airways Virtual atmosphere and operations.
§ Properly manage relationships and priorities.
§ Ability to address specific objections and earn the trust of peers and supervisors.
§ Has a firm grasp of internet and e-mail applications.
§ Professional verbal and written communication skills.
§ Able to multi-task.
§ Good understanding of Word, Excel.
§ Ability to speak and write in multiple languages would be an asset although not required.

If you have any questions or wish to apply please send an e-mail to
or myself at

Thanks in advance.

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