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    BFL1862 - Peter Wright

    Prepar3d Compatibility

    Hey all,

    Thought I would start up a thread on compatibility that I've looked at so far with Prepar3d. Ill update this over time - please drop me a note with your findings so I can do so, and I'll add mine as I get to them.

    In all cases these were installed in FSX, and then straight copied (planes, gauges, effects) from the FSX directory into the same location in Prepar3d

    Just Flight DC3
    PMDG 737 NGX
    A2A B-17
    A2A Piper Cub
    A2A Spitfire
    A2A P-47
    Aerosoft OV-10 Bronco
    Carenado C152
    Carenado C337
    Carenado C208
    Carenado Piper Cherokee Archer II
    Captain Sim C-130 Hercules
    Aerosoft's PBY Catalina
    MAAM DC-3

    Add ons and utilities
    FSUIPC - Latest version installs into Prepar3d AND FSX by default
    FS Commander 9 - works fine after FSUIPC installed
    REX 2.0 - Need to re-install textures into Prepar3d and run the RexWASD application manually
    EZDOK - Need to run manually
    BFL ACARS - Run manually after installing FSUIPC
    Track IR - NOT SUPPORTED. Work around is to use EZDOK with TrackIR which works flawlessly
    SquawkBox - should work but have not tried yet

    Scenery Add-ons
    Orbx Pacific Northwest - Need to download a Side By Side License - this migrates the content into Prepar3d. SBSL is free but needs to be bought from
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    BFL0101 - Paul White
    Just a word of warning to anyone who has FSX and is thinking about PREPAR3D. I have both and I have tested them like for like, JF Constellation out of Norfolk International, there is some way to go for PREPAR3D as a replacement for FSX, there is no need to rush to change but it does look like it will become the 'got to have flightsim' in the, not to distant, future and your FSX aircraft, scenery etc. work in PREPAR3D. I will test our BFL aircraft in it and let you know if there are any problems.
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    BFL1617 - Chris Crawf
    Shame about the 500$ price tag on it is it ?

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    BFL1862 - Peter Wright
    Price is $49.99 Chris, as of this weekend. It is without doubt the future of FSX - FSX is no longer supported, and Prepar3d is basically the patched and extended version, largely compatible and fully supported.

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    BFL1617 - Chris Crawf
    Ah ok, Ill give it a look. If you dont buy it now though it will cost 500$?

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    BFL1862 - Peter Wright
    No, the price change is permanent. They are making an "Academic License" available to anyone that wants to use Prepar3d at home.

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    BFL0652 - Eric Gee
    Since P3D marketing is not specifically targeted at the home entertainment market, but rather commercial training programs, the full commercial license is $500... However, an academic license is now offered for $49. While still not marketed for home entertainment, it is LM's way of loopholing their arrangement with MS by offering the full software at a price that most home users can afford... provided they use it for educational purposes, and not as part of a commercial venture. The only "drawback" is the usual academic licensing watermark which appears at the top right on the menu bar... no more obtrusive than the logos on a web browser... The same academic licensing arrangement can be found with most high-end, high-priced software (i.e. Photoshop, 3DSMax, etc...) So, to simplify LM's legal jargon... if you use it in your home, and learn anything by using it, then you qualify for the academic license. Just don't try to open up a commercial flight simulation business and charge people to to fly your simulator with LM software. That's easy.

    At the moment, since P3D is still pretty new, there are naturally compatibility problems... particularly with older products such as FSInn which were developed for older MSFS versions and never even made it out of the beta stage for FSX. As has been noted, BFLAcars works perfectly with P3D after installing the latest version of FSUIPC, which automatically finds both FSX and P3D. With the lower academic pricing, it's my hope that more FSX developers will see the advantage of making their products P3D compatible as time goes by. I had the money at the time, so I was able to jump on the bandwagon early... but, as Paul warned above, P3D as it stands at this moment is not quite the FSX replacement that many are looking for... yet. FWIW, though, P3D works so much better on my aging system (3-yr old stock i5) than FSX that I intend to completely do away with FSX as soon as I can find a way to make FSInn work in P3D, or convince my other VA/flying club to develop an ACARS program of their own, or switch to another client for online operations (neither of which is very likely).

    Oh, BTW... add the MAAM DC3 to the list of compatible planes... the last PIREP I filed was flown in that plane in P3D and all worked smoothly...
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    BFL1617 - Chris Crawf
    Ah very nice !

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    BFL1862 - Peter Wright
    Good to know - Thanks Eric.

    I too intend to drop FSX completely. I'll keep it around because it's handy for some add-ons to install there first, then copy over to Prepar3d, but from here on in I'm all about Prepar3d, even with the problems with orange snow (which I reported to Lockheed this morning).

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    BFL1459 - Ross Gray
    what is the diffrence between fsx an prepar3d as i hav never used prepar3d

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