Inspired by the television show Ice Pilots NWT and our love of vintage aircraft we welcome you to Buffalo Airways Virtual. “The official VA partner of Buffalo Airways Ltd”

Through our strong partnership with the “Real World Buffalo Airways” we will bring exciting features not currently provided by other Virtual Airlines including real world flights given by Buffalo so that our members can keep up to date and fly the recent real world operations as well as discounts for Buffalo Air Wear; Once you’ve completed your first flight feel free to send a private message to your hub manager to get your discount code.

Our registration is open, once your registration is accepted please visit us on Discord. Thanks for the many years of support from our community and members, and we strive to provide a quality VA experience for many, many more years to come.

Flight Number
Pilot Name
Flight Time
BFL5893 NZDN NZHK Manoj Yadav DC-3 / C-47 (C-GJKM) 01.34hrs
BFL5905 NZMS NZGS Don Hodges DC-3 / C-47 (C-GJKM) 01.15hrs
BFL4052 LFOP LFBH Manoj Yadav DC-3 / C-47 (C-FCUE) 01.32hrs
BFL4052 LFOP LFBH Surendra Pritish DC-3 / C-47 (C-FCUE) 01.27hrs
BFL5872 CYQI KPWM Jean-Pierre Audet DC-3 / C-47 (C-GPNR) 02.09hrs
BFL5869 CYQY CYYG Rory ONeill DC-3 / C-47 (C-GPNR) 00.52hrs
BFL5644 CYHY CYXY Nigel Smith DC-6 (N434TA) 02.52hrs
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BFL Statistics
Total Pilots: 142
Total Flights: 75479
Flights Today: 11
Total Hours: 126787.51
Total Aircraft: 85

Latest Rampies
BFL5776 - Amine Oukrid
BFL5775 - Larry McPhee
BFL5774 - Jheferson Ullrich
BFL5773 - Surendra Pritish

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