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Inspired by the television show Ice Pilots NWT and our love of vintage aircraft we welcome you to Buffalo Airways Virtual. “The official VA partner of Buffalo Airways Ltd”

Through our strong partnership with the “Real World Buffalo Airways” we will bring exciting features not currently provided by other Virtual Airlines including real world flights given by Buffalo so that our members can keep up to date and fly the recent real world operations as well as discounts for Buffalo Air Wear; Once you’ve completed your first flight feel free to send a private message to your hub manager to get your discount code.

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Flight Number
Pilot Name
Flight Time
BFL1119 CYWJ CYVQ Panos Thomas L-188 (C-FBAQ) 00.40.28hrs
BFL3312 PACV PADQ Shadwell Platt DC-4 (C-FIQM) 01.51.01hrs
BFL3311 PAJN PACV JB Reber DC-4 (C-FIQM) 01.58.41hrs
BFL3346 MPDA MPMG John Forrest B55 (C-FULX) 01.28.07hrs
BFL3312 PACV PADQ Randy Kearnes DC-4 (C-FIQM) 01.47.30hrs
BFL2196 KTIW S18 Ray White DC-3 (C-GWZS) 00.46.19hrs
BFL3312 PACV PADQ Michael Chapman DC-4 (C-FIQM) 01.58.28hrs
BFL2195 CYVR KTIW Ray White DC-3 (C-GWZS) 01.05.35hrs
BFL3312 PACV PADQ Jeff Baker DC-4 (C-FIQM) 01.54.14hrs
BFL3312 PACV PADQ John Forrest DC-4 (C-FIQM) 01.43.46hrs
BFL3308 CYWL KUIL Ivan Cordero DC-4 (C-FIQM) 01.39.41hrs
BFL3311 PAJN PACV Frank Phlippo DC-4 (C-FIQM) 02.19.00hrs
BFL1949 CYZF CYQF Dave Ham DC-3 (C-GJKM) 04.20.22hrs
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BFL Statistics
Total Pilots: 443
Total Flights: 58039
Flights Today: 13
Total Hours: 94892.19
Cargo Hauled: 465814274 lbs
Miles Flown: 16893832 nm
Total Aircraft: 48

Latest Rampies
BFL3810 - Corey Prefontaine
BFL3809 - Daniel Davies
BFL3808 - Matthew Schilling
BFL3807 - Steve Tattersall
BFL3806 - Justin Koebel
BFL3805 - Kylee Askey
BFL3804 - Josh Scott
BFL3803 - Luis Alves

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